Frequently Asked Questions

How many tickets must be purchased to receive a group discount?
10 or more tickets must be purchased to qualify for a group discount unless otherwise specified.

What sections are available at the group rate?
All available inventory can be used for group tickets.

Is there a service charge for group ticket purchases?
A $10.00 handling charge (unless otherwise noted) will be applied to each ORDER, not each individual ticket. For example, if you buy 20 tickets at $10, your total will be $210 ($200 for the tickets and $10 for handling).

How do I receive my tickets?
All orders are mailed up to one week prior to the event. If you order tickets less than a week from the event date, tickets can be picked up at WILL CALL with a photo ID.

How long before my order will be processed?
Your order may take up to 24 hours to be process during the week and 48 hours during a weekend.

Once I’ve purchased my group tickets, can I add additional tickets and still get the group price?
Yes, you may add additional tickets to your order, as long the group minimum has been purchased.

Can I reserve a block of tickets and pay later?
Payment must be received in full to reserve seats for any event.

What do I do if I place an order and do not receive my tickets?
Please contact your ticket representative at 1.877.AEG.TICKETS(234-8425) to check on delivery status.

Can we sell tickets as a fundraiser?
Yes, we can help your non-profit organization with fundraising opportunities. It’s fun, easy and a great way to raise money and enjoy our events.

If I can’t get a group together, how may I purchase tickets to an event?
Please contact Ticketmaster for all individual ticket purchases.

Do infants or toddlers need tickets to the events?
Any child that is 2 years of age or older must have a ticket to our event.

Will our group seats be all together in one section?
Seating is based upon availability. In most cases we can either seat the group all in one row, or back to back in consecutive rows.

Can we buy multiple price categories for our group?
Yes, you may purchase group tickets in different price categories, however, to get the discount, you must purchase the minimum number of tickets.